People Love a Good Story: Tell Them One

Science Magazine recently published this article about the spread of news stories online. To me, it reads a bit like one of Aesop's fables. Researchers discovered that false news travels farther and more quickly than true news, most likely because of its novelty and the emotional reactions that it inspires. The boring old truth, doesn't seem to go nearly a far or as fast. The moral? Perhaps we need to communicate the truth in better ways. 

Of course, there is no panacea and it seems to be that we live in a world that embraces fiction over fact, but we mustn't forget that adage "fact is stranger than fiction". 

What if we flipped the current paradigm upside down? 

What if we re-centered ourselves in truth? 

What if we stopped filtering everything and starting embracing the beauty in honesty? 

In such carefully curated world, it only makes sense to me that people should start embracing fictions so easily. After all, when our own profile pics are airbrushed ad nauseam and things so simple as our lunches or kids' snacks are carefully curated for shared imagery, a story that's more embellished and dramatic that we can share with an "OMG! The horror..." sort of intro seems like a surer bet for likes and shares/retweets. 

However, if we step back and embrace what is, we find that there are many stories to be told within the truth, within reality. And it is within this reality that we can start to tell our stories in a bold way, with the audacity of honesty, and stand out that way. People love a good story, so start telling them good stories.