Friday Faves

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. In action, gratitude is a thankful appreciation of whatever floats your boat, makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face, or simply augments your existence, be it tangible or intangible. Gratitude is also good for you according to researchers at Harvard, UC Davis, UC San Diego, and plenty of other places. 

Friday Faves are a zippy accounting of what's helped carry me through the week, with a healthy dose of gratitude for each. Today, I give it up for: 

  • Our terrific public schools here in Boulder Valley and the teachers who have helped to make this a special year for each of my kids. Teachers have it rough and we're seeing strikes pop up around the country right now, so this is my small thank you for all they do for my 3 very different children. 
  • National Geographic: I grew up with stacks of these babies all over my house and would spend hours poring over the vivid imagery. Now, I can't get enough of some of the mag's contributing photogs and their Insta feeds - check out Paul Nicklen and Brian Skerry if you have a few hours to spend immersing yourself in their magical relationships with nature. PLUS, my son is heavily into geography and Nat Geo hosts a Geography Bee every year, a super cool way to keep them learning and their minds expanding. 
  • Sanat Fe: Just got back from a jaunt down there for Spring Break. The landscape of the high desert, the spiritual mysticism, the food, and of course, the ART down there enthralls me to no end. 
  • Tulips! 'Tis the season, my bulbs are peeking out through the soil. Love the vibrant colors and the bouquets in yards and vases throughout the Spring! 
  • Bread! I set a goal this year to learn to make homemade bread - a modest goal compared to other's perhaps, but one that I wanted to go for - and I've been doing it. There is a completely unwarranted amount of smugness from me about this, but boy oh boy, do I feel proud of myself as the kitchen fills with that fresh-baked smell and the first slices are cut. I made a fresh rosemary sea salt loaf this week - YUM.