Truth: communication is the key to success. 

Without consistent, open, and clear communication, there is no moving forward, there is no discovery, there is no winning. And in this world that is riddled with a swift and constant flow of information, good communication stands out. Good communication plus a little hustle stands out even more and that's what's on offer here. 

Courtney has over two decades of communication experience and has worked with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to create and finesse their communications and public relations. Whether it's a speech, a press release and press relations, internal communications, or personal relationships, her savvy has helped solve problems, build relationships, get attention, and produce results. 

Examples of some of the work she's done and stories she's placed for clients are below: 

Egg Strategy Hatches New Office in NYC

Recycled Runway 8 - 2017  

From Trash to Treasure - A Story of Sustainability 

Egg Strategy-Catalyst HTI joint press release

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